Monday, June 25, 2012

Random stuff from September/October

I wrote a bunch of little notes in my book but didn't put the months so this is just a myriad of September/October/November/things that happened!

25th - Day after returning from Thailand. Adam picked me up traipsing along a highway complete with an entire Thailand backpack. I walked nearly all the way into the city from the outskirts! I heard later that my vice principal had seen me, but he was playing pachinko (fake Japanese gambling) and said I looked happy. Went to Udo Shrine with Adam. It's a beautiful shrine set in a cave right on the coast. The history is that a man lived there for awhile, can't remember why. But he was sustained by water dripping from a rock, which now equates to a shrine of fertility and is meant to bless women with babies. Needless to say I kept far away from any and all rocks. Beautiful place though! Glad I could show it off to someone. 

October 1st - Finally climbed the mountain by my house!!! I've been trying to climb this sucker for a year and always getting hopelessly lost/tired. It took us about 5 hours I think. The entire way was on a road, so we had to watch out for zooming cars. We also took rests on said road, sometimes stretched out across it. We got to the top, and Adam got me to take a photo of  him swinging on the entrance to the shrine. It broke. This thing is meant to signify the entrance to heaven, so basically Adam broke heaven. Nice. We split a bottle of wine and some biscuits, and watched the sun set over Obi and Nichinan. It was beautiful. We explored the top of the mountain, and then realised that it was getting dark and we should hurry down. We started loping down the mountain and made it in a couple hours, in the dark for the last 45min or so. Insanely sore knees but the wine helped. Upon getting home we saw that there was a train heading to the city in 30min, so we carried on (walking) to the station and then went to the city, where I held onto a table to dance because my legs hurt so much. All in all, an excellent day.

Sometime that week: A conversation I had with my supervisor about omiyage (gifts of snacks). Him - "It is very easy to kill teachers. Probably if you put something poison there (the omiyage table) ...we will eat." 

Weekend: Dinner, drinks, karaoke. Sang T.A.T.U with Jess outrageously. Stumble home. 

To Nobeoka! Hung out with Dohwa on the train for drinks and beautiful scenery. We met Tracey and had a "picnic" which involved discreetly pouring vodka and juice into cups and drinking it. Then we all sat down for a "Noh" performance. This is a traditional Japanese play where the people chant reaaaaaaallllyy slowly and move slowly on the stage. It was interesting and I'm glad I saw it. We left halfway. No regrets.

Izakaya (food and drinks place) outrageous conversation with Nico, drinks in the park, and then home to Tracey's.

Next day: Walked around Nobeoka with Adam for awhile. Watched fishermen over a bridge. While waiting for our train at the station we got a delicious crepe, and chatted with an alcoholic who told me that being totally free (as we bragged we were) wasn't good because to take a road alone was not good. Interesting. He also said that he had learnt English in school (he was 58) and he practised what he remembered on us. Then he told me something that blew my mind, which was that we were the first foreigners he had ever talked to. This is what our lives in Japan are all about, and aside from teaching kids this is probably the thing I feel like makes everything worth it. 

Took the train down the coast, decided to get off at Hyuga (coastal town) and discovered that it was actually kindof a hub of tourism! We got a couple drinks and went for a walk in search of the sea, which unintentionally took hours. Granted, we did stop at every park to play and every conbini to get food/more drinks. Finally, we heard the ocean and after plunging into some ominous trees (it was now dark) we emerged on the other side right on a beach! The moon was out and making the sand look white and cool, so we sat down and enjoyed it. Such a lucky night! 

After this we wandered up to a shrine which we spied atop a cliff, and startled some pokemon which we tried to take photos of but still to this day can't decide what they actually were. 

Train, Miyazaki, sleep.

14th October: Another conversation with my supervisor about his teaching style in which he says, "is not bullying. Education." lol. Also in class I ask, pointing to my stomach (for learning body parts), "what is this?" Students- "BABY!"

I've also been helping a senior with his English test for university. He wrote me a note this afternoon which says (amongst other things) "when I travel, I will think of Tiffany's words." Aww. I love being a teacher. 

15th - Went to Fukuoka for a baseball game. Here Jordy taught me how baseball works and how to be an American and we drank beers and yelled obnoxiously. I actually really enjoyed the game!!

18th - Talking to my supervisor about the upcoming mid-year seminar that he should be joining me on. He tells me "I will be sick that day". 

22nd October - Went to Cape Toi with Adam! These are huge rolling hills above cliffs over the sea. Absolutely wonderful. To add to this, there are wild horses! They are small and stumpy but we keep our distance and admire from afar. Ish. We climbed a giant hill and watch the sun set together, and I laughed at Adam's shock at all the horse poop. Cityboy. Then we ran down the hill jumping and tumbling like a video game. So much fun! I saw my first light house and we generally ran amok among the hills. 

29th - Went to a kids Halloween event, which was super cute. I was one of the "stations" at the event, where tiny kids in costumes had to come and introduce themselves to me for candy. Cutest thing ever. Wish I was an elementary school teacher, but then again I feel like I'd be exhausted all the time. 

Also went to an (adult) Halloween party in Miyakonojo, where 3 of us dressed as paper, scissors, and rock. We were a huge hit and despite feeling ill the night was a lot of fun! Hilarious photos abound. But you can't see any because they take too long to load. Soz.


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  2. Hey Tiff, haven't heard much from you here lately. What's happening with your teaching now? I would love some more "Tiff-isms" in my life. :P


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