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Random stuff from Aug-Sep 2011

Random stuff from Aug-Sept 2011

In early August we received all the new JETs. This brings about thoughts of being a second year, watching all these people starting their amazing adventures and winding our own ones up. It seems natural though, giving this wonderful place up to be taken care of by others.

This also inevitably means that people are going to leave. Sam, who was my first friend in Japan, leaves this week. To send him off we all go down to Kagoshima, onto an island, and into a dinosaur park. (Taupo people think Spa Park). Sam has been talking about this place ALL year, so we all turn up and gaze admiringly at giant plaster dinosaurs. Then we go into the city and dance, coming back at the wee hours of the morning to our park on the ferry. To the end of my days I will never forget the image of Sam TEARING around on the grass after a rabbit that was sitting quietly in front of us. We have not organised anywhere to sleep, so Sam, Jordy and I sleep in the back of her car with the boot open for our feet to hang over. I am intensely uncomfortable and we realise in the morning it’s because I was sleeping on top of a rolled up blanket. We also wake to find Sam gone. Upon giving a little bow to the families that have brought their children to see the dinosaurs and have instead come upon cars of snoring gaijin, we venture into the park. Here we find Sam, asleep inside a brontosaurus.

Because it’s summer I get to just hang out with students, see them chill out and goofing off. It’s nice. We have marching practise again, and school festival again, and sports day again. It’s strange to compare myself now to myself at this time last year, having just arrived in Japan.

For the sports day I get to hold the “FINISH” ribbon. One teacher who has never spoken to me calls me the goddess of winning to one of his friends and it gets back to me. Nawww. One of my JTEs tells me I am the best ALT he has ever worked with, but that he avoids me and often pretends to be busy to do so. Oh, alcohol. I sit with the baseball coach for a lot of the night, who is always scowling. One of the office ladies sums this up by saying “he has chicken heart but lion face.” So true, about so many people. Tonight is my first doubting of my contract decision – how can I ever leave this?

At school I see some students telling each other in Japanese basically “if he asks, just say wakarimasen (I don’t understand)” I even have teachers do this to me. NOW I KNOW YOU DO IT ON PURPOSE!!!

My supervisor saunters over to where I have a photo of me and Rose on my desk pulling awful faces. He says in English “in the future, the photo at your funeral… will be like that.”

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